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Re: white bloom on leather

(The Found Poem)

After "lurking" for some time
I now come forward
with a problem
I have recently encountered.

I unrolled some pieces of oasis niger
that I had put away,
and found that it is covered with a white bloom.
At first I thought that this
was a powdery mildew,
although the leather is not damp
and has no odour.

On looking in my books to see
how to remove mildew/mould from leather,
I found mention in Middleton
that leather with a soapy residue
can dry with a white bloom on it.
Johnson also mentions a white bloom
that may appear on cleaned leather,
as a result of salts coming to the surface;
neither says what exactly
one should do about this.  Incidentally,
neither do say
what to do about mould or mildew.

How do I know what I have,
and what should I do about it?

[With apologies to Patricia C. for having only
metaphysical answers to her questions....]

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