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Re: Bloom on Leather


We recently had a similar problem with a batch of goatskin we had. We
contacted Hewit's who supplied the skins and they told us that the
deposit was aluminium which was used in their tanning process.

We employed two methods of removing this:
1. Flame: If you lightly wisk a flame from a match or lighter over
the affected area the deposit vanishes. The trick is to do this
lightly to not burn the surface of the leather!!

2. Oxalic acid ***Poison!!!***: A very weak solution wiped across the
surface of the leather.

We tended to flame it...saves messing with all those nasty chemicals!

Hope this helps...tell me if you have any more questions on this.


Owen Bradford

Deputy Bindery Manager
The Robinson Library
The University
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tel (0191) 2227663


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