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BA Degree in Bookbinding

I send this for anyone who might be interested:

(affiliated to the University of Surrey)
BA Degree Programme in Calligraphy and Bookbinding
Department of Art, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
"From September 1994 a unique BA degree programme has been available at
Roehampton Institute, which not only provides for a single honours degree
combining calligraphy and bookbinding but also for a single honours degree
in either calligraphy or bookbinding.
The programme provides a specialised education in the crafts of bookbinding
and calligraphy, with strong emphasis on high standards of craftmanship. A
thorough knowledge of the history of lettering and of the art of the book is
integral to the programme. We believe that by providing a sound, liberal
education in the history and technical discipline of bookbinding and
calligraphy, our graduates will be able to apply their skill and knowledge
in a wide range of working situations and make a vital contribution to the
lettering arts, book production, bookbinding and book conservation.
There are three levels of study: Foundation Level, Honours Level-Intermediate and~
$ Honours Level-Advanced. Foundation level consists of a
combination of practical and theoretical courses in lettering, bookbinding,
drawing and other visual studies.
At Honours Level-Intermediate students can specialise in either bookbinding
or calligraphy or they can combine both subjects. Practical studies at
Honours level-Intermediate develop the skills and techniques specific to
each craft. Shared theoretical studies emphasise the symbiotic relationship
between the two crafts and explore broader aspects of craftsmanship.
Honours Level-Advanced studies aim to develop higher level of technical
competence, a thorough understanding of the student's particular craft, and
the ability to place this within a cultural and historical context. Elements
of the programme are available for non-degree (Auditing) students."

More information can be obtained from
Programme Convenor (Calligraphy&Bookbinding)
Jen Lindsay
Roehampton Institute
Roehampton Lane
London SW15 5PU
The United Kingdom
tel. +44-181-392 3658~

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