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conserving dust jackets

Fishing out some books from my collection for a little exhibit, I
discovered several conservation problems.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Two of the books have dustjackets made of papers which seem to be of good
quality, heavy, slightly textured page stock, but which have begun to
develop little tears and are somewhat brittle.  These books are about 30
years old, and the text papers are in pretty good shape.

Can people recommend ways to reinforce and preserve the dustjackets?  I
could repair the tears with tissue, but it would not hurt to back the
whole thing if that can be done appropriately. Any comments?

Also, one of the books is a hardcover bound in cloth, and it's warping
outward.  A friend who's a bookbinding hobbyist says the cloth seems to
have shrunk, and it's pulling the boards up.  Is there any way to reverse
this process?  The endpapers are also cockling slightly (if that's the
right term - the glue has certainly let go here and there, and there are
air bubbles under parts of the paper.)

This is Ted Hughes' *Cave Birds* with illustrations by Leonard Baskin,
and I'd really like to preserve it if I can. Actually, it's copyright
1978, so not very old!


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