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Re: silking title pages

Gary Walker wrote:

>>I was bidding on a book(18 cent) that had title page that was silked--how
>>you do that
is it silk and wheat paste or what is the purpose of it? and >>how good does
it look?

The purpose is/was to preserve a brittle or fragile page.

 Wheat paste and Japanese silk chiffon are used.  The document is placed on
glass, brushed well with thinned paste.  A slightly
larger piece of the silk is laid on.  Again brush over with the paste.  Turn
over onto a clean spot on glass.  Paste that side, going over the silk.  Lay
on another piece of silk, and paste over all again.  Hang to dry by the
excess silk.  Before completely dry, trim edges and press while only slightly
damp.  To prevent sticking between the press boards, they can be well rubbed
with a dry bar of soap.  Nip in press.

It looks very well when skillfully  done.

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