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Re: Books In Sheets for Poor Students

Christopher McAfee asked about obtaining books in sheets inexpensively. As
a sometimes trade book designer, I occasionally asked the printer to save a
set of folded and gathered sheets of particular books for me, prior to
their casing-in. You might try contacting book printers/manufacturers, or
local small publishers to do the same. Alternatively, if Brigham Young (or
any other university) has a press office (ie: they publish), ask someone
there. Finally, the newsletters of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book
Artists Guild, and the Guild of Book Workers (and possibly others),
occasionally list the availability of press books in sheets, although they
may not meet the criterion of "inexpensive".
I just thought of two others: Oak Knoll Books had copies of Greenfield and
Hille's "Headbands" book in sheets, and Keith Smith's books on non-adhesive
bindings are available in sheets.
And, as a shameless plug, "Stories of the Witch Queen" which I printed and
published, is still available in sheets: 92 pages letterpressed with ten
original wood engravings for $75 plus $5 postage.

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
**CBBAG now on the Web**

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