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books in sheets

I meant to post this to the entire book arts list, but ended up sending it
to Robert Drake directly instead. So, it's a couple of days old, but
hopefully still useful.

>>I am requesting information about
>>where to find printed books in sheets for a not-so-expensive price...

I wonder if some publishers would consider, at printing, leaving a certain
number of books unbound and giving students these sheets at no charge. I
think that for books Chax publishes (which include letterpress/fine press
and offset-printed poetry books) I would consider doing this if, for
example, each student received two sets of blank pages, and one of the two
finished bound books by each student was returned to me. If a class then had
10 students, Chax would end up with 10 rather special copies of this
particular book.

This might also hold the advantage of having the students and teacher
directly in touch with a printer and/or publisher, giving an added dimension
to the educational experience, and perhaps providing an important contact
for these students as they go on in their work.

I'm sure there would be some kinks to work out, but I don't see why such a
plan couldn't work.

charles alexander

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