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Re: books in sheets

I love this idea, Charles - Mayapple Press is certainly willing to do
that, too (they're mostly chapbooks, but....)  I could make pages
available easily for some of the existing books, such as *Occupied
Territory*.  If people want to pursue this and want a look at Mayapple
books (and sample poems from most of them), check out

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On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Charles Alexander wrote:

> I meant to post this to the entire book arts list, but ended up sending it
> to Robert Drake directly instead. So, it's a couple of days old, but
> hopefully still useful.
> >>I am requesting information about
> >>where to find printed books in sheets for a not-so-expensive price...
> I wonder if some publishers would consider, at printing, leaving a certain
> number of books unbound and giving students these sheets at no charge. I
> think that for books Chax publishes (which include letterpress/fine press
> and offset-printed poetry books) I would consider doing this if, for
> example, each student received two sets of blank pages, and one of the two
> finished bound books by each student was returned to me. If a class then had
> 10 students, Chax would end up with 10 rather special copies of this
> particular book.
> This might also hold the advantage of having the students and teacher
> directly in touch with a printer and/or publisher, giving an added dimension
> to the educational experience, and perhaps providing an important contact
> for these students as they go on in their work.
> I'm sure there would be some kinks to work out, but I don't see why such a
> plan couldn't work.
> charles alexander

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