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Re: Stereo cards curling

According to the book Warman's Americana & Collectibles, "Don't try to
clean cards or straighten them.  Cards were made curved to heighten the
stereo effect, an improvement made in 1880".

Sandy Hempe
Conservation Technician

On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Michael Oltz wrote:

> I know there are some conservators on this list, so I'll risk a question
> about ephemera.  There doesn't seem to be a safe way for the layman
> to uncurl stereo cards.  But, if you get some that are flat to begin with,
> how do you store them so they won't curl?  In the current instance, I
> won't be able to get any information about how they've been stored,
> so I can't apply that.  Keeping them under a heavy book or the like
> isn't workable for me.

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