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Re: Books In Sheets for Poor Students

In a message dated 96-02-13 11:53:09 EST, you write:

> I am requesting information about
>where to find printed books in sheets for a not-so-expensive price

Christopher and others:  Well, I will now add my two-cents worth to the
responses about books in sheets.  The Bookbinder's Warehouse stocks NINE
different titles in sheets, and all but one are 'books about books'. What
better way to teach binding than to bind a book ABOUT bookbinding!  Each of
the eight books about books are under $30 (the nineth, and the exception is
"A Child's Book of Garden Verse", a limited edition fine press book from
Adrian Wilson't press at $50).

The least expensive, at $15.00 (plus $3.00 postage)  is a facsimile of Alex
J. Vaughan's MODERN BOOKBINDING. Originally published in 1929 it has recently
been issued from Australia by and for members of the NSW Guild of Craft
Bookbinders. The photocopied sheets were executed on archival paper, unfolded
(shipped flat). Omitted from this facsimile are the plates of machinery and
the original advertisements. Last reprinted in 1960 this is a very
hard-to-find book. 30 sheets = 120 pages. We have about a dozen copies in

Another interesting photocopy facsimile is PRACTICAL BOOKBINDING by W. B.
Pearce. Originally published ca. 1920 it also came to us from the Australian
NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders. While the original adverts are NOT included,
the full 104 page text is complete. Shipped flat, unfolded sheets. $28.50
plus postage.

As previously mentioned, all of Keith Smiths books are available in sheets:
Non-Adhesive Binding, volumes I (Books Without Paste of Glue), volume II: "1-
2- & 3-Section Sewings", and volume III "Exposed Spine Sewings", each at $30
each. Also his "Structure of the Visual Book" (25.00) and "Text in the Book
Format ($17.50).
All Keiths books are folded and collated.

Lastly, BOOKBINDING, by Paul N. Hasluck is a folded, collated facsimile,
first published in 1902. 161 pages, $25.95, issued by the Black Swan Press in

All of these titles are available through the Bookbinder's Warehouse, which
you can e-mail at KarenC5071@xxxxxxxx

Regards, Karen

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