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Nipping presses and equipment

Dear Friends of the Book-Arts:
        NEWS FLASH!  For all of you looking for a nipping press, lying
press, finishing press, and even standing presses and screw-tight
pressing boards, may I humbly recommend the following book:

        BANISTER, Manly.  _The Craft of Bookbinding_  Reprint of orig.
                publication by: DOVER Books.  ISBN 0-486-27852-2.
                Price:  $7.95 (!)

Thanks to Karen Crisalli and the Bookbinder's Warehouse for ordering it for
me and my oh my is it the book I've been longing for!  Why?  Decent instructions
are provided for the "poor-person" who can't quite yet afford the professionally
constructed hardware.  Of course wood isn't cheap, especially fine hardwoods
as needed, but Banister gives clear instructions on the building of presses
from hardware store plumbing pipe (METAL that is, NOT PVC!) and other
materials, some welding and metal boring will have to be done as well as
a table saw or mitre saw for the wood-work, but if anyone watches Norm
Abrahms on "Yankee Workshop" (on PBS) and likes the way Norm does things
than yes, you too, with practice, will be able to build your own equipment.
Who knows, maybe the satisfaction of DIY will inspire you to tap the creative
spirit within you wearning to be free!  I HIGHLY recommend this book for
the beginner with limited resources, afterall, maybe one of your friends
who has the wood-working equipment would be willing to help.  I'm thinking
of asking a local wood-worker and craftsperson how much he'd charge to cut
the wood to Manly's specs, I would assemble it (screws, pipes, plates, etc.)
myself.  Its worth looking into and it will give hope to anyone who finds
the price of quailty hardware to be out-of-reach at the present.

I mean, thumbs up to Banister who has given us a book that talks extensively
about the hardware rather than just showing us pictures with a brief
description!  Kudos to Dover for keeping this book in publication, and kudos
to all who agree that DIY is a great avenue for those incapable of otherwise
affording the hardware.  Good Luck to all who try, and most of all, may
doing so enrich your life, it has mine.

Rommel John Miller
Ocean City, MD

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