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Re: Equipment, Prices and Publishers

>I am new to this Mailing List so please forgive me if any of these
>questions have already been asked and answered.   I am sure that most, if
>not all, of them have been asked millions of times - probably by every
>new subscriber to this Mailing List like I am doing now, but it is
>something that I need help with right away, and I hope that you can help
>me too.


You really don't need to apologise quite so much. You raise some quite
specific questions which I'm sure interest some others.

I am a publisher, and I'd like to answer your questions, but
unfortunately I work on a very different scale to most people, as you
can see in my sig. Consequently I can't tell you about equipment, or
even about the working practices of other publishers.

There are some newsgroups which have considerable expertise, which
may be able to help you if others on this list can't provide all the
answers. For instance the comp.publish hierarchy includes
comp.publish.prepress which can help you with high end computer
equipment, imagesetters etc., as well as publishing software for
imposition, trapping etc.

Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lilliput Press  -   Publisher of fine books in miniature

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