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Re: Book in Sheets - Collaboration?

Sasowsky Norman wrote:
> I have a "book in sheets" from one of my "fine press" artist's book
> editions. I'm offering these as a "collaborative" venture. An edition of
> thirty copies was originally intended and I have bound several copies.
> I also had two copies bound by a professional binder. I have twenty sets
> of pages. These were computer typeset.  Metal plates were made and
> letterpress printed on BFK Rives. The sheets have text on two sides (five
> sheets) 14 X 11+", a title page backed by the copyright, and a colophon.
>         The book is: PYGMALION - THE ARTIST'S STORY.  I wrote the text.
> The theme of the book is an artist's search for "perfection", the
> "perfect" image (woman) and presentation. Thus, the project lends itself
> to a variety of artistic solutions. In the books that have been bound I
> used monotype prints. I would be willing to supply images - although I'm
> not sure how, - or have the binder/artist interpret the text and supply
> the images since this would be in keeping with the original concept, or
> just use the text. My main interest is to have the idea for the project
> move forward.
>         I am willing to consider any collaborative arrangements, such as
> making two or more copies and retaining one. I like the idea of having
> several artists/binders, who find the text interesting, complete the
> project in their own way. I have reservations about giving
> these pages to beginning students.
>         Please contact me if you have any ideas or would like more
> information. I'd be glad to supply the text for consideration.

I am very interested. Could you send along the text please. Thanks,
Terry Rowley

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