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Re: Books In Sheets for Poor Students

I have a couple of suggestions.

For a workshop on a simple non-adhesive binding in December, I printed the
directions for the structure in sheets for a small two-signature book. It
wasn't anything fancy-- composed on a computer, illustrations by hand,
and a brief session at Kinko's, but it seemed to go over pretty well.

If you're focusing on procedures other than folding, you might consider
taking apart some Dover books for class use. Someone else on another
thread recently mentioned how inexpensive books. They have a pretty wide
selection of multi-signature volumes on all sorts of topics for under $10.
Not only are they cheap, but most of them are sewn, rather than perfect
bindings. The paper is usually decent and they survive disassembly and
rebinding quite nicely.

Hope this helps.

Emily Epstein
Special Collections Cataloger
University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

(Not an employee of Dover, just a fan.)

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