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alt sewing frame

On Feb 18, 1996 14:02:25, 'Rommel John Miller <rjm1095@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>'

 Who can deny that
>Banister's sewing frame isn't efficiently functional and yet so simple?...

> why can't
>we also take pride in the ingenuity of or equipment,...

>  I hope I haven't offended anyone.

Far be it for me to offend anyone... :)

But if one hasn't got a sewing frame an old trick (which I have used 'on
the road') is to stand a chair which has braced legs on a table and to use
the cross brace as the upper arm of the sewing frame and either use masking
tape or thumb tacks to attach the lower end of the tapes or cords to the
table top.

Richard Minsky

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