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Re: alt sewing frame

On Feb 18, 1996 22:32:29, Rommel John Miller wrote:

>Actually I find
>your ingenuity quite inventive and I must admit that I hadn't thought of
>before myself, ergo kudos!  You show real empathy for the financially
>challenged in this craft, and may your good-nature be blessed!

Not my ingenuity-- just passing along an old trick. Thanks for the
blessing. It was in large part my "empathy for the financially challenged"
which in 1974 motivated the creation of the Center for Book Arts, where
people without equipment can rent time in a complete professional hand
bindery and letterpress shop for a modest fee. If even that is too much,
there are appenticeship, internship and work/study programs which make it
possible for any enthusiastic person to master and practice the craft (and
hopefully make it art).
Richard Minsky

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