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publishing query

I answered the question about the publishing query last week in part with
information about the Denver Publishing Institute, but it was very sketchy
information. I don't know if this subject is of interest to very many on
this list, but I do know that many people who work in the book arts support
themselves in various ways: teaching, work in libraries, college &
university work of various kinds, nonprofit administration, and work in the
publishing industry, from small press to large press, among other things.

So it doesn't seem entirely out of line to plug the Publishing Institute of
the University of Denver. According to the announcement for the program this
year (the 21st of the institute), the Institute combines workshops in
editing, marketing, and production with lecture/teaching sessions onducted
by leading experts from all areas of publishing. The Institute provides a
concentrated, four-week, full-time course for six quarter hours of graduate
credit and devotes itself to book publishing, with a career session on
magazine publishing and a yearbook project that allows the students to work
in a magazine format and time-frame. The director is Elizabeth A. Geiser,
and the co-director is Suzanne L. Pfaff. Admission is competitive.
Applications for this summer (July 15 - August 9, 1996) must be submitted by
April 1, 1996. Application forms may be obtained by contacting Suzanne
Pfaff, The Publishing Institute, University of Denver, 2075 S. University
Blvd., #D-114, Denver, CO  80210; or call (303) 871-2570; or fax (303) 871-2501.

Tuition, at $2,500, is certainly not insignificant. I understand that a very
few scholarships may be available.

I recommended an intern of mine for the program last year and she thought it
was terrific, both in terms of what is learned and of making contacts in the
publishing field.

And if anyone who reads this list ends up in the publishing field, my
feeling is that the aesthetics and sensitivity of that field would probably
be pushed up a notch.

charles alexander

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