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Re: No Subject

re charles alexander's post:

The Mallarme essay can be found in _Selected Poetry & Prose_ from New
Directions, edited by Mary Ann Caws.  The translation is by Bradford Cook.
 It would be interesting to see the visual interpretation & yes, DO post Dick
Higgins essay if he gives the ok.

all best,
Charles Smith

"This issue contains many things primary to the discussion of how one reads
artist's books, or any book, but perhaps most directly, a "translation and
visual interpretation" by Michael Gibbs of Stephane Mallarme's essay, "Le
Livre Instrument Spirituel/The Book, Spiritual Instrument," and a brilliant
2-page essay by Dick Higgins titled simply, "A Book." Good luck in finding
the issue. It's not something most libraries would have, but a university
with a good literary collection which includes small press journals should
have it. If someone can't find it, I would be willing to ask the editor and
authors for permission to re-post the second essay here. I don't know if I
could find the translator/visual interpreter of the Mallarme essay, but
people could probably find the original French or some English translation
of the Mallarme essay elsewhere without too much trouble."

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