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adhesive for paper to wood

As many members of this list have experience with many types of glues I
thought someone might be able to help with this.

I would like some suggestions for an adhesive to glue some small oil and
acrylic paintings, which have been done on 140 lb. WH Saunders paper, onto
1/2 inch plywood.

In the past I have used rabbit skin glue and on occasion (horrors?) Sobo
glue to glue paintings onto 1/8th inch masonite, with a sheet of wax paper
and thin felt, they went into a bookbinding standing press until dry.

I have a few pounds of good quality Talas Wheat paste, any objections to

All the sheets have been sized with only one  of the following: matte
medium, acrylic gesso or rabbits skin glue.

Thank you,

Alexander L. Wallace (wallacea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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