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Book Arts-related workshops?

Have been keeping up with the list for only a couple of weeks and have
found the reference to the New Mountain Newsletter and Dick Higgins's essay
very interesting. I look forward to introducing my press, Moving Parts
Press, and related activities, including those of the Printers' Chappel of
Santa Cruz.
For this occasion I'd like to address a different topic:

As an educator and practicioner of the book arts, it seems extremely useful
to have a place where courses are posted and instructors can introduce
themselves. As the administrator of a good-sized program for UC Santa Cruz
Extension in graphic production and design, I am interested in learning of
instructors and am open to course proposals. I am also fortunate to program
book arts-related workshops. For example, in the next two months we are
offering 3 courses in this area:

Homeward Bound: Developing Ideas for Artists' Books
Susan King
1 weekend: Saturday--Sunday, 9 am--5 pm, March 23--24
Triton Museum of Art, 1505 Warburton Ave. Santa Clara
Fee: $245

The fine press book and the more visually-oriented artist's book have
inspired many artists and writers to work in these formats. Most book arts
workshops focus on technique and content is often left until last. This
workshop centers on content and uses of "home" as a point of departure.
>From womb to tomb we inhabit a variety of dwellings. Some of these spaces
are more compelling than others. We use simple writing and brainstorming
exercises to develop ideas and forms for books on the topic of home in its
broadest definition. Our goal is to generate content for future book
projects. Participants can create one or more mockups for a future project
by the end of the workshop.

SUSAN E. KING is an artist and writer who makes unique and editioned
artist's books at Paradise Press in Los Angeles and at presses around the
country. Her work is in the collection of MOMA; the Getty Center; the
Museum of Modern Art, Paris; and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Mushrooms for Paper
Miriam Rice
1 weekend: Saturday 9:30 am--3:30 pm, Sunday 9:30 am--12:30 pm, April 13--14
UCSC, Extension Art Center in the Blacksmith Shop, Santa Cruz
Fee: $130

Explore a handmade paper-making process with a most unusual fiber base.
Through lecture and demonstration we learn how to create unique and
beautiful papers without chemicals or the need for cooking fibers or pulp.
Only mushrooms are used in this environmentally friendly class that returns
safe water to the soil. The results are supple textured surfaces ready for
use in various art applications.

MIRIAM RICE is the director of the International Mushroom Dye Institute. A
resident of Mendocino for over 30 years and founding member of the Art
Center, Ms. Rice first discovered that mushrooms would yield dyes for
protein fibers in the early 1970s. Since that time, she has led workshops
and International Mushroom Dye Symposia all over the world.

Intermediate Bookbinding: Skills and Techniques
2 weekends: Saturday--Sunday, 9 am--5 pm, June 1--2 and 8--9
UCSC, Extension Art Center in the Blacksmith Shop, Santa Cruz
Fee: $195

Working with traditional and non-traditional materials, students explore
advanced techniques for creating book structures that are both
beautiful-and beautifully made. Emphasis is placed on craftsmanship,
problem-solving, design and variety. Students have the opportunity to work
with paper, cloth, wool, sheep vellum, metal and other materials to create
finished book structures. Artists, printers, calligraphers, writers-and
people with some knowledge of bookbinding who want to explore and expand
their skills-are encouraged to attend. Students should have a basic
background in bookbinding or at least basic art-studio techniques.

PEGGY DEMOUTHE's design bindings are in collections throughout the U.S. and
have been exhibited at Stanford University, Mills College, the California
Palace of the Legion of Honor, and the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art
Museum.  She is a book collector and a member of the Hand Bookbinders of
California, the PCBA, Guild of Bookworkers and the American Craft Council.

For more information about UC Santa Cruz Extension Graphics Program, see
our online catalog at http://www.ucsc. edu/unex, or e-mail me your address
and I can send you our catalog.

Thanks for your patience with this lengthy message.

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