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Re: Letterpress Printing Question

It makes sense in several possible ways. Perhaps they are printing a lot and
don't want the expense of vellum. Also I'm not certain if they would want
the softer surface because of the printing concerns or because of what they
might want to do with it (folding, etc.) after printing.

At the end of last year I finished a book which was then bound by Chip
Schilling. For a very limited deluxe edition we used a spine piece of
transparent vellum. And for a larger standard edition we used a translucent
UV paper, kind of a vellum-like surface (but not all that much like it if
you really know what true vellum is like). But both worked fine. Still, the
surface of the UV Ultra II paper is not something I would describe as
"soft." I had to print, on some of this paper which is used internally in
the book, a tricky half-tone image of ground-up cuttle-fish bone (looks like
ashes), and decided to print that page of the book with offset printing
technology.  But it certainly would have been possible to print letterpress
on it, being very careful and perhaps adding a little drying agent to the
ink. I believe this UV Ultra II paper had to be purchased in full cartons,
but you might have your caller ask local paper distributors about that, if
she/he chooses to investigate this paper as an alternative.

good luck to whoever it is


>I just received a call from someone wanting to letterpress print on a
>material which has the look and feel of vellum/parchment, but with a softer
>(more impressionable?) structure/feel. My guess is because vellum is so hard
>that they want a substitute? I hope this makes sense.
>Hope to hear from some of you.
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