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glue? plywood!

Thank goodness that the majority of my work is on stretched primed linen.
This question concerns only the odd sketch on paper which somehow becomes a
painting.  For example,  a pochoir print in acrylic on Saunders paper , ten
sat in my studio and just asked to be continued, over time I had these
things which look like paintings, except for the support.  Quite a few
monoprints have also been  continued in this manner.

I don't enjoy looking at  oils and acrylics which are under glass.
Particularly if the paint has a matte surface.

Rouault: had hundreds of paintings started in ink or gouache and continued
in oil paints.  Many were attached to canvas and displayed without glass.

Derain: a great late self-portrait on paper mounted on something is
displayed w/o glass.

Degas: many painting on paper mounted on something and displayed w/o glass.

Fautrier:  painted many oil paintings on paper, which were subsequently
mounted to canvas.  I believe there have been many problems with these

Suggestion to hinge and mount in acid free mat is probably best, but would
put the painting under glass.

Suggestion for acid free board to mount on is good.

Suggestion to not mount anything on plywood is good.

My apologies for this slightly off topic question. But what better group to
ask about glue?



   Alexander L. Wallace

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