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I have a piece of undyed lizard that looks alot like the skin on the back of
my hand, only magnified.  I bought it some years ago at Moore-Pearsall
Leathers Ltd. in Toronto. (416-363-5881, FAX 416-363-8214).  I bought it
because I thought it looked like flesh.  The skin is about 10"x10".  If you
are unfamiliar with Moore-Pearsall it is a fabulous place.  I happened to go
to Toronto with my husband on a business trip.  I took my Guild of Book
Workers Supply catalog with me to help me find the sights.  Armed with that
and an all-day bus pass (Toronto has the best mass transit system in the
world--it gets COLD there), I made my way to Front Street.  Across from the
customs houses and a block from the main train station I found a group of
shops, one of which had The sign of the Skin upon it.  Behind it was a long
hall.  Suddenly a man with white hair, English accent and three piece suit
appeared and asked, "Are you looking for leather?  Come this way..."  I
followed this white rabbit down the hole and found Leather Wonderland.
Another gentleman named Lawrence DeYoung informed me that they didn't carry
Harmatan Leather "too expensive," but if I had some time he would show me
some things that I might find interesting.  We went on a journey through the
five floors of this warehouse, looking at remaindered Italian antique
leather, indian lizards, ostrich (imitation and real) etc.  There was a 4'x4'
bin of "scrap" at 2.00(Canadian) per foot.  He said to send a sample of the
color wanted and he would find it.  Do it by mail and avoid the dreaded
Canadian sales tax.
I bought lots of stuff but alas, only one of the lizard skins (how
disgustingly frugal of me).  If it is of help to you, try talking me out of
it or call and order your own.
----->Cris Takacs

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