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Toner stability

I am writing an article on the long-term stability of the toner which is
used by laser printers and xerographic copiers. This grew out of an
experience with sending two laser-printed manuscripts by mail. In each case
spots of toner set off on the adjacent pages, leaving spots on the
manuscript which were quite unsuitable for the printer.

These spots were  not visible on the manuscript. It is now clear that they:
     were caused by a defective fuser roller which produced small areas of
partially fused toner in one column
    do not pass the tape peel test
    would not have been discovered by the standard tape peel test, which
covers only a small part of the printed page

The mechanism for the setoff of these partially fused spots is not clear.

I would appreciate any suggestions. If you are willing to read and comment
on my article, I would be pleased to send it to you. It will be published in
Flash Magazine.


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