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gluing covers back on

I have used two ways of reatatching covers from 18 cent leather books. but
now I usually reback them or put leather end caps or a leather rehinge.
If the cover just fell of with a clean break-use a common glue called goop
by eclectic products it dries clear and rubbery like a rubber band.   use
wax paper under the cover and joine and wipe off excess fast as it dries in
a short time.  it is a space age product because its so elastic and tough
another way is to raise the cover for a hinge and use thin tough deer skin
suade leather for a hinge glue and press it into cover then candle wax the
edge of cover work leather hinge around inside of cover then glue to rounded
back  with pva  sometimes it works pretty good--if you can;t   get the spine
up for a regular hinge this seemed to work  fairly   good
from a book collector

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