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Re: Toner Stability

I have received several photocopied brochures lately where the toner has
offset to the facing page.  These brochures were printed on heavy stock or
stock with a rough surface (like Canson).  As you probably know, in most
photocopying processes, the toner is laid down as a powder on the paper and
then the paper travels over a heat roller that "sets" it so that it adhers to
the paper.  When the stock is too heavy, the heat does not penetrate the
paper enough to bond the toner.  When I've wanted to use stock like this,
I've given the finished copy a light coat (or several light coats) of acrylic
spray coating.  I use Krylon's "Crystal Clear".  This seals the toner to the
page and, in fact, makes the toner darker, more intense and, in some cases,
parts of the document that may not have copied clearly appear.  Try it, it's
a little like magic.  But be careful, if you spray too heavy a coat, the
toner will "melt" and bleed.  Ed (Hutchins)

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