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Letterpress Printing Question

About printing on Vellum:

Unfortunately, I know very little about printing on vellum since
(to my knowledge) none of my customers has ever attempted to print
on my parchment/vellum.  The impression I have is that while it
can be done, it is technically challenging.  A paper that discusses
 this subject appears in:

The Paper Conservator.  vol 16, 1992.

In it, the author mentions a book called 'The Mystique of Vellum'.
I have yet to locate a copy of this other work, but the paper seems
to indicate that it contains more information about printing on vellum.
(sorry about the incomplete citations, my copy is at home)

That issue of the paper conservator also has an article describing the
various types of immitation 'parchment papers'.  Care must be taken
since some of these are created by treating the paper with sulphuric
acid, which can make them subject to rapid degredation.

Of course, there's a philosophical issue here, in that trying to make
paper look/feel/behave like parchment/vellum may be like hammering a
square peg into a round hole.

The first question that comes to my mind is 'What *kind* of vellum do
you want this paper to look like?'

(ignoring, for the moment, the fact that no two people seem to agree
on a precise definition of the word 'vellum')

Cheers, Rick C.

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