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Re: Perfect Binding

At 11:06 PM 2/25/96 -0200, you wrote:
>>I have developed some low cost methods of perfect binding using a glue gun,
>>and would welcome correspondence with anyone who is interested in this
>yes, I would be interested in learning more about this process.

It really is pretty simple. You treat the cut sheets as if you were making a
pad. A padding press helps. Run strips of glue from a glue gun every half
inch, perpendicular to the spine. Cut them apart, and bind in a thermal
binder or an electric frying pan. The details have been published in Flash
Magazine, Riddle Pond Road, West Topsham VT 05086; 802-439-6463 fax;
Also in my book, Book-on-Demand Publishing, Printing and Binding at the same

> Is it
>perfect in terms of finish or in terms of being conservationally good?
It is called perfect binding because an inventor in the late 1800s called it
that. It is far from being really perfect, but far more books are bound this
way than any other. Most paperback books are perfect bound.

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