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Notice: Free software available to organize, index notes, ideas on bookbinding.

        SquareNote software is used by thousands of people in 39 countries to
organize, index and retrieve notes & ideas.  Ideal for organizing your
research notes, people notes, personal documents, or appointments, as well
as favorite WWW sites, email addresses, notes & sources.  Used by
executives, professionals, writers, scholars, researchers and Internet addicts.

        The ability to recall any note in seconds will save you hours of searching,
prevent the loss of good ideas.  The best description of this software is
"index cards on your PC."

        SquareNote runs on any IBM-compatible PC, under MS-DOS [its natural
habitat], MS-Windows [where 50% of our users have it], the DOS partition of
OS/2 and Power-PC MACs [with PC card].

        SquareNote3.5 now available FREE by download from our Web site, postal
delivery or email. Email "sqn35net@xxxxxxx" for complete information, or
download from "http://sqn.com";.

Caroline Nachman, SQN Inc.     | For free SquareNote3.5,
"Organizes,indexes, retrieves  | email "sqn35net@xxxxxxx"
 notes, ideas and documents.   | or open "http://sqn.com";
 Like index cards on your PC."

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