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Toner stability

To Rupert, Charles, Ed, et al
There is another factor besides surface texture and paper weight you might
consider when toner refuses to bind to the paper when you know there is not a
problem with the heating unit in the machine and this is the sizing in the
pulp or on the surface.
I use the smallest business Canon and it will take and print well a triple
couched handmade sheet with surface texture and embedded materials as long as
I have used a minimum of sizing in the pulp.
If the offset occurs on papers specifically formulated for  heat transfer
media I wonder if the heating element or sheet takeup may not be the problem
...both of which I have experienced and the service people worked on and
I have had stacks of printed material from this and a previous Canon that
have not offset in over 8 years.  If the toner was fused properly at the time
of printing I never had a problem  during this time.
Ed:  Canson and Ingres have to be two of the hardest papers to get the toner
to fuse properly.  Like you I had to resort to acrylic spray.
If people are interested I can post a list of commercial papers I know print
well on the Canon and in an HP laser printer.

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