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Re: Toner Stability

At 12:31 PM 2/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have received several photocopied brochures lately where the toner has
>offset to the facing page.  These brochures were printed on heavy stock or
>stock with a rough surface (like Canson).  As you probably know, in most
>photocopying processes, the toner is laid down as a powder on the paper and
>then the paper travels over a heat roller that "sets" it so that it adhers to
>the paper.  When the stock is too heavy, the heat does not penetrate the
>paper enough to bond the toner.  When I've wanted to use stock like this,
>I've given the finished copy a light coat (or several light coats) of acrylic
>spray coating.  I use Krylon's "Crystal Clear".  This seals the toner to the
>page and, in fact, makes the toner darker, more intense and, in some cases,
>parts of the document that may not have copied clearly appear.  Try it, it's
>a little like magic.  But be careful, if you spray too heavy a coat, the
>toner will "melt" and bleed.  Ed (Hutchins)

Thanks. I will try it. If you would like to comment on my 6 page manuscript
on toner stability, I would be happy to email it to you.

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