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Re: gluing covers back on

At 10:34 PM 2/26/96 -0600, Rupert N. Evans wrote:
>At 11:08 AM 2/25/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>I have used two ways of reatatching covers from 18 cent leather books. but
>>now I usually reback them or put leather end caps or a leather rehinge.
>>If the cover just fell of with a clean break-use a common glue called goop
>>by eclectic products it dries clear and rubbery like a rubber band.   use
>>wax paper under the cover and joine and wipe off excess fast as it dries in
>>a short time.  it is a space age product because its so elastic and tough
>What is the address of eclectic products?
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>all I can find on the tube is eclectic products  Carson california
you can buy it at hardware stores-for gluing metal to tiles ect.
I think the caulking gun size has the full adress and also the only
solvent  that you can mailorder from them that works.
just look for GOOP as the name-unless it isn't availible in illinois.

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