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Re: Perfect Binding

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Rupert N. Evans wrote:

> At 11:06 PM 2/25/96 -0200, you wrote:
> >>I have developed some low cost methods of perfect binding using a glue gun,
> >>and would welcome correspondence with anyone who is interested in this
> subject.
> >

Has anyone tried using a double-fan adhesive on single sheets? It's
fairly simple, using PVA adhesive--fan the spine edge in one direction,
exposing about 1/8 in or less of the sheet. Apply the glue. IMMEDIATELY,
fan the spine edge the opposite direction and again apply the glue. This
attaches each sheet to those beside it. Then bind the book using the PVA
to glue the spine. This is a much more permanent and flexible method of
leaf attachment that the hot-melt glue.

Clara Keyes

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