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Re: Perfect Binding

At 12:29 PM 2/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Rupert N. Evans wrote:
>> At 11:06 PM 2/25/96 -0200, you wrote:
>> >>I have developed some low cost methods of perfect binding using a glue gun,
>> >>and would welcome correspondence with anyone who is interested in this
>> subject.
>> >
>Has anyone tried using a double-fan adhesive on single sheets? It's
>fairly simple, using PVA adhesive--fan the spine edge in one direction,
>exposing about 1/8 in or less of the sheet. Apply the glue. IMMEDIATELY,
>fan the spine edge the opposite direction and again apply the glue. This
>attaches each sheet to those beside it. Then bind the book using the PVA
>to glue the spine. This is a much more permanent and flexible method of
>leaf attachment that the hot-melt glue.
>Clara Keyes
Yes, I have used the double-fan method. It is probably the most secure and
permanent method of fastening single sheets into a book block. I would not,
however, call it flexible. It makes a very firm bookblock which is very much
like a mouse trap. And, it is very messy unless you have a special machine
which does the fanning and applies the glue.
    You get a similar effect with hot glue if you use some of the more
expensive General Binding Corporation thermal binding machines (They list
for about $1500). These machines have a hot platen which is tipped back and
forth, thus joggling the book sheets past each other and carrying a bit of
hot glue past the extreme edge of each sheet.
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