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Is it the Paper or the Refilled Ink Cartridge Causing Problems?

>If people are interested I can post a list of commercial papers I
know print
>well on the Canon and in an HP laser printer.

We use older 400 dp NeXT laser printers, which are Canons in
disguise. After experiments with several different papers, we stick
to Weyerhauser First Choice Premium Laser Paper in 24#. I was shocked
at how poorly the other papers did, in terms of reliable quality,
lint, etc. We have literally not had a single bad sheet of the
Weyerhauser. We buy it by the 10 ream box. Both the printer and the
paper are so reliable that we run them as production printers for
bigger projects in our office, grinding out 500 sheets at a time.
Quality remains very high after thousands of sheets.

However, we have had MANY problems using refilled laser cartridges.
In attempts to be thrifty and environmentally conscious, we had
traded our used cartridges to be refilled, and bought refilled
brands. The results were 95 % unacceptable. The companies that refill
them do their own custom mixes, so they told us, and I think at least
one company we did business with was using the Joy of Cooking for its
recipes. We still sell our empty ones back to the company that
refills them, but we buy ours new. I refuse to let the refilled ones
near my printer anymore. One sort of exploded, leaving our printer
filled with toner.

In another case, the toner broke down and I printed scummy sheets for
a day until we replaced the cartridge. It was similar to my
experiences running offset printers in Wisconsin in 100% relative
humidity and watching the pigment and carrier in the ink curdle like
bad mayo.

Pat Wagner
Pattern Research
P.O. Box 9845
Denver CO 80209-0845
202-778-0880, fax: 722-2680

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