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design printers

I am working on a collaborative effort with a letterpress printer in
portland, oregon.  recently we had a discussion about the tradition of
printers not signing their work.  I was intrigued and wanted to know if
anyone else has wrestled with this question.

It makes sense for the printer not to sign when the work is strictly
trade printing but what about designer printing, much like designer
binding?  My printer is intimately connected with the design of the
printed booklet which will accompany the book sculpture I am designing
and printing.  While I may have the last say because it's *mine*, her
expertise an, yes, artistic abilities will contribute much to the
finished project.

In addition to her discomfort at signing the finished book, she also
informs me that she wouldn't sign a book she was totally responsible for
(making all choices and doing all the work).  I wonder if other printers
have wrestled with this?

I am reminded of binding history where the binder was considered only a
worker, not a creative person.  We now how the concept of design binder,
how about a design printer?

Artemis BonaDea, Conservation Technician
Alaska State Library
Box 110571
Juneau, AK  99811

907/465-2924 (voice)
907/465-2990 (fax)

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