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Ironing paper

Many years ago I read a delightful essay (I don't remember where) about
a man who ironed his copy of the Manhattan Yellow Pages.
     The NYC Yellow Pages are a wonderful resource if you're trying to
buy something exotic or find a special service; but (as the narrator of
the essay pointed out)--because they weren't distributed to the the
neighboring counties surrounding NYC--they were a hotly-prized item,
and difficult to acquire.
     The narrator was driving north out of Manhattan one rainy evening
when, while stopped for a light, he saw a copy of the current edition
of the Manhattan Yellow Pages lying in the street. It was soaking wet,
but he took it in and brought it home. He dried it out as best he
could, but it was now fan-shaped and still very damp towards the
     To make the book usable, he commandeered his wife's ironing board
and began, one leaf at a time, to iron the pages flat. His wife thought
he was a lunatic; but it took him a very long time to do it, and she
and his family got quite used to watching dad ironing the phone book,
evening and weekends....

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