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design printers

>Date:         Tue, 27 Feb 1996 14:05:41 -0900
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>From: Artemis Bonadea <artemisb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject:      design printers
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>I am working on a collaborative effort with a letterpress printer in
>portland, oregon.  recently we had a discussion about the tradition of
>printers not signing their work.  I was intrigued and wanted to know if
>anyone else has wrestled with this question.
>It makes sense for the printer not to sign when the work is strictly
>trade printing but what about designer printing, much like designer
>binding?  My printer is intimately connected with the design of the
>printed booklet which will accompany the book sculpture I am designing
>and printing.  While I may have the last say because it's *mine*, her
>expertise an, yes, artistic abilities will contribute much to the
>finished project.
>In addition to her discomfort at signing the finished book, she also
>informs me that she wouldn't sign a book she was totally responsible for
>(making all choices and doing all the work).  I wonder if other printers
>have wrestled with this?
>I am reminded of binding history where the binder was considered only a
>worker, not a creative person.  We now how the concept of design binder,
>how about a design printer?
>Artemis BonaDea, Conservation Technician
>Alaska State Library
>Box 110571
>Juneau, AK  99811
>907/465-2924 (voice)
>907/465-2990 (fax)
Artemis... I'm a designer-printer-binder-publisher... and I sign everything.
I think your printer needs an attitude adjustment.. nobody has THAT little
ego! Besides, buyers of a book want to know who was involved in its
production and a signature just makes it more authenticated, especially when
the book shoots up in price in 20 years!

Pat Baldwin
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
Pequeno Press

"Try, fail, fail again, fail better!"

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