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Toner stability-Paper

Here is the list of papers I have worked with in Canon copier and HP laser
Machine Made Papers:
Mohawk Superfine basis 70,80,100 and letterpress
Renaissance paper (non-buffered)
Rising Stonehenge and Rising Gallery 100
Lenox 100
Strathmore 500 charcoal
D. Smith Archival Drawing
Unruyu (Thai) in colors and patterns

Mouldmade Papers:
Lana laid (shows the laid lines of the mould) and Lana gravure
Arches 88
Rives BFK (comes in both sized and waterleaf; waterleaf is unsized paper.  I
used waterleaf.)
Rives Lightweight and Medium Weight (both partially sized.
Moriki and Kozo (I send both through handfeed with blank backing sheet to
avoid jams.)
In addition to sizing being a problem in heat transfer processes, the
quantity of buffering agents calcium chloride or magnesium can be a problem
keeping toner from fusing.
I have been successful with some machine made colored papers by coating them
with a mixture of CMC and distilled water, drying them well and pressing
 before printing.  Have fun!
Be aware that none of the Canon or HP techies like what I do to their macines
but in 4 years I've had only two service problems unrelated to the paper I am
feeding so keep fingers crossed that all will continue well.  Kathy Crump

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