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Re: design printers

><On 2/28, Jane Brown wrote about printers signing their books...also in
>certain instances what type face was used etc.>
>Is this what is called a 'colophon"?
>I've seen this at the back of some of the recent books I have bought.  It
>also includes
>brand of paper used and inks.
>Linda Eveland

yes, that's a colophon all right, although just what information appears
there is entirely variable, depending on what the publisher wants there.
Sometimes the publisher and printer are the same, sometimes not. I would
find it entirely rare to specify the inks used, but certainly possible.
sometimes will include that paper is made from the author's grandmother's
quilt or such and so forth. Could even detail the meteoroligical changes
during the time of the making of the book. Could say only number of copies
printed. And sometimes, even in fine press books, there is no colophon.
Personally, I like the variety.


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