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Design printers

To toss in my $0.02 worth, I don't see why printers shouldn't sign
their work.  In my case I work with authors and artists, and I make a
place under the colophon for all of us to sign.  It is often difficult to
compare the contributions of the collaborators.  I usually put a $ value
on my binding work based on the time I spent doing it but that doesn't
work so well with printing.  The author and artist do not work that
way, but value their work based on a number of factors, not the least
of which is how well known they are.  Previously I have split profits
(ha-ha!) with the artist 50/50, but now I prefer to divide up the books
and let each sell their own.  The author took 30% of the edition, but
they were h/c copies.  The numbered copies were divided 50/50 with
the artist and financial arrangements were concluded immediately
without having to wait until the books were sold.

I may be too egotistical, but I value my contribution to such projects
very highly.  There are tons of texts and lots of artists, but not many
people (three in Israel!) who are attempting fine printing.  On my last
book I clocked over 200 working hours, not counting the thinking and
running around and discussing.  Designing, hand setting, printing, and
binding counts for a lot, and stacks up against writing and drawing
without shame.  Of course I sign the thing.

Yehuda Miklaf - Shalom Yehuda Press - Jerusalem

husband of mfritz@xxxxxxxxx

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