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Graduate Program in Artist Books

>I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any excellent graduate programs
>in Bookmaking/ Artist Bookmaking.

I teach in the graduate program in Book Arts at Purchase College, State
University of New York. It is a small program, only two students are
admitted each year. Program is two year MFA., though many students take
third year to do thesis. Faculty besides myself includes Antonio
Frasconi, Warren Lehrer, Margot Lovejoy, and Brad Freeman. We have
visiting lecturers, too. (The program is in Artists' Books, not
bookbinding or conservation.)

Aside from an enthusiastic faculty, we have wonderful facilities, with
complete letterpress shop (with the Pforzheimer Collection of Historic
Type), large offset facilities, and electronic publishing lab: one room
all Macs, the other all PC's and workstations. We also have a small

Purchase College, SUNY, which is the flagship art school of the SUNY
system, is located in Westchester County, NY, just north of New York
City, and a mile or so from the Connecticut line. Purchase encompasses
schools of the Visual Arts, the Performing Arts (including schools of
Dance, Music, Film, Theater and Stage Design) and a Liberal Arts College.

If you are interested in more information write to:

Graduate program in Art of the Book
Visual Arts Division
Purchase College, SUNY
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase NY 10577-1400


Please check our web page at :  html//:www.purchase.edu

Philip Zimmermann
Zimmermann Multiples
24 Shatzell Ave, P.O.Box 325
Rhinecliff NY 12574-0325


914/876-2747 fax

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