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Re: Design printers

> Previously I have split profits
>(ha-ha!) with the artist 50/50, but now I prefer to divide up the books
>and let each sell their own.  The author took 30% of the edition, but
>they were h/c copies.  The numbered copies were divided 50/50 with
>the artist and financial arrangements were concluded immediately
>without having to wait until the books were sold.

So you are essentially paying somewhere near 50% royalties, when the
publishing industry standard is 8 to 10%. I hope then, in your case, that
the authors/artists are also sharing in your expenses of production. I
always take it that the press is responsible for selling the book, and I pay
the author just 10% of the copies of a book, except if the edition is under
100 but at least 50, I make certain the author has 10 copies. And if there
are copies available for sale after press standing orders, I allow the
author to purchase more copies at the highest discount I offer anyone, which
is usually either 40% or 50%.

As to John Henry's post which supported the position of the "disappearance"
of the printer/designer and referred to Beatrice Warde's notion of the wine
goblet, I have to say that I have the highest respect for that position but
I don't consider it the only noble option. I think it's fine for the
bookmaker to be one of the varieties of grape, collaborating with everything
else in the goblet to make a taste sensation.

charles alexander

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