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Book in sheets

Hey bookbinders, student or otherwise:

I've got a book just finished that I could sell in sheets to anyone
wanting such a thing.

It started with looking at the country-of-origin tags in my clothing and
wondering why my clothes had been to so many more countries than I have, and
ended with a lot of research into who makes the clothes I buy and under what
conditions. So it's not the most *cheerful* book, content-wise, but it's
*very* colorful, with 15 b/w line drawing illustrations of clothing tags,
and bands of color that fade in and out at the top and bottom of 24 pages. It's
three signatures (2-3-2) of Rives Heavyweight, 3.5 by 5 inches, with lots of
color all through. Small and skinny-ish, but it does have a measurable
spine, albeit a narrow one. It would support a fair amount of cover decoration
or fancy endband treatments or what-have-you, due to the amount of color
inside.  Hand-set Kabel Light type printed letterpress in black ink, in an
edition of 35 copies, and I'd sell it in sheets for 35$, which may sound
like a lot but is about half of what I'm planning to ask for once I bind the
thing. I'm not planning to set aside a particular number of copies, so
availability depends purely on anyone interested letting me know about it
before I get the edition bound, i.e., no rush.

Reply to Cory, at this e-mail address. Oh, the title is "Some Really Ugly
Clothes", and the imprint is the Skeptical Press.

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