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Re: design printers

Dear friends, no offense, but my I suggest that imho a binder should sign
the work in a very artistic fashion on the spine of the book, why?  Knowing
how beautiful and detailed some sewings have become, and that super and
kraft brown paper cover the sewing horrenously, I think the binder should
engage in a work that is as near to anonymity as can be had, ergo I would
sign my own hand bound books on the spine where the effort of my handicraft
lies.  No one is likely to ever see it, but hey, it'll be there for the
life of the book and knowing that is enough for me.  I don't want to be
considered a aesthete, but if thou thinkest I am, then I shall humbly
accept it.  The work and beauty of a book should be its own, not the
printer or the binder, as some in the past have done.  A fine printer
"signs" a work by stamping the publishing house on the spine and the
title page, and a fine printer publishes works under the name the printer
uses and not that of a "big" publishing house.  A binder on the other
knows the work of their own hands and can take pride in a finely crafted
binding, but never should anyone in the book-arts become vainful or
ostentacious, such pride is egregious and belongs only to sophists and
other shallow types.  Artists can be proud and arrogant, but thankfully
in the realm of art they are few and the true artist quietly toils at
their work, knowing only for themselves the work and beauty involved in
creating a piece.  Is there any indication of the Creator signing
creation? Then why should we ours?  Humility is the sign of a real
and truly authentic artist and not to sign a work is far better than
proclaiming that "you've" done it to the world.  Quite satisfaction in
knowing that you've done your best should always suffice.
My humble opinion, take it or leave it, you can criticize, but please
don't "dis" it, aesthetics should be the hallmark of our craft.
Rommel John Miller
lowly bookbinder wannabe and
Library Science applicant

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