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Book Cloth search


I'm hoping one of you out there in Book Arts/Letterpress Cyberspace
can help. I'm desperately in need of between 1 and ten yards of a
particular Japanese bookcloth from Johnson's in Michigan --

545-4124 1/2

It's kind of apricot colored silk/rayon with distinct textural lines
running fron selvedge to selvedge. Brian Johnson is having trouble
receiving his order from Japan, and of course we have orders for
books that we cannot fill until we receive the cloth. Doh!! (Sorry -
slipping into Homer Simpson mode there.)

If any of you have some of this tucked away up on a top shelf
somewhere, here is your opportunity to not only unload it but also to
save our bacon at Flying Fish Press. We are offering cold, hard cash
and are not ashamed to beg.


Chris (THGA)

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