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Art in the Net


Right now I'm preparing an exposition about the wide scope of artistic =
concepts which are apearing in the net.

I'm searching any kind of URLs to really new experiences using the net =
in a creative way. I'm specially interested in multimedia, literary and =
musical concepts among others.

I'm addressing this list in order to ask for your collaboration in =
"linking" me with any creative proposal that you get to know in the =
servers of your organizations or in any other location.

I thank for your interest in advance and I'm sure that through your =
collaboration all the artistic iniciatives developing in the net will =
have its place in the before mencioned exposition.

You  can address your answers directly to my E-mail, and besides to the =
list if you consider it convenient.

Thanks again.

| Joan Josep Ordinas Rosa                                                =
| Email: jordinas@xxxxxxxxxxx     Home page: =
http://www.xtec.es/~jordinas/  |
| "Comunication is too important to leave it in the specialists' hands"  =

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