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Re: Cory

Hey there... we want Two copies one for me and one for Giselle... so don't
go selling them all.. Martha the new person is here now she may want one
too.. you'll meet her she's very nice....Things are moving along here.. I
was able to go to Africa over Christmas to visit Alyce.. we had a great time
it was hard to come home.. she won't be back till July or so... do have to
go for now.. how do you want to do the money thing. we can just send you a
check. Where to ? Take Care Deborah

>Hey bookbinders, student or otherwise:
>I've got a book just finished that I could sell in sheets to anyone
>wanting such a thing.
>It started with looking at the country-of-origin tags in my clothing and
>wondering why my clothes had been to so many more countries than I have, and
>ended with a lot of research into who makes the clothes I buy and under what
>conditions. So it's not the most *cheerful* book, content-wise, but it's
>*very* colorful, with 15 b/w line drawing illustrations of clothing tags,
>and bands of color that fade in and out at the top and bottom of 24 pages. It's
>three signatures (2-3-2) of Rives Heavyweight, 3.5 by 5 inches, with lots of
>color all through. Small and skinny-ish, but it does have a measurable
>spine, albeit a narrow one. It would support a fair amount of cover decoration
>or fancy endband treatments or what-have-you, due to the amount of color
>inside.  Hand-set Kabel Light type printed letterpress in black ink, in an
>edition of 35 copies, and I'd sell it in sheets for 35$, which may sound
>like a lot but is about half of what I'm planning to ask for once I bind the
>thing. I'm not planning to set aside a particular number of copies, so
>availability depends purely on anyone interested letting me know about it
>before I get the edition bound, i.e., no rush.
>Reply to Cory, at this e-mail address. Oh, the title is "Some Really Ugly
>Clothes", and the imprint is the Skeptical Press.

Deborah Howe / Collections Conservator
Northwestern University Library
1935 Sheridan Road
Evanston, Il  60208

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