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Re: Perfect Binding

Yes, Clara, there really is conservation "Perfect" Binding.  Like, you, all
this talk of glue guns scares the willies out of me.  I use the PVA-fan
method whenever I have to bind single sheets. There is even a nifty press
that one can buy to speed things along, but I don't have one.   I once
constructed a book for presentation to the president of Goodyear Rubber in
Akron (I think he was retiring).  Four hundred single sheets of different
letterheads from all the various Goodyear plants around the world containing
signitures of all the employees.  The sheet sizes were not all the U.S.
standard 8 1/2 x 11.  I made sections out of the first and last eight pages
of the book.  The first and last sections of the book MUST open perfectly for
they get the most strain.  Then I Pva-fanned the sheets in one inch sections
and made 1/8" sections out of them. Next,since the book was thick,  the
sections were oversewed (whipped stitched) onto sunken cords. I then rounded
& backed it (because of the oversewing the book has swelling) and lined it
with a tube. I sprinkled the edges with blue and gold acrylic paint (to
camoflage the unevenness of the edges, bound it in blue leather and pva-ed on
the brass plate they supplied me in a recess on the cover.  Although over
four inches thick, it opened like a book and lay flat.  They liked it and
paid me handsomely. I am confident that it will last through my lifetime in
one piece. of course, this was a one-off fine binding, but I have done runs
of ten with this method.  Any more than that and I'd invest in a press that
tilts (to allow for the knocking-up).

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