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My humble appologies to all those who may have attempted to write me but
who may have had the same bounced-back to no avail.  My university's
mx% server and internet e-mail gateway crashed in late February and
therefore little mail has been received and few has been dispatched.

John Charles chided me on my spelling in a previous post, and I really
am sorry for offending him and others, I'll try to be more careful.  As
for offending others with the intent of my writing, I too beg indulgence,
for I really believe the book-arts to be an art of true crafts-person-ship
in the same way that a wood-worker (cabinet maker) rarely signs his/her
work except in rare instances.  Ours is a noble profession and craft and
let our talents be known only to ourselves, our co-crafts-people and the
Almighty One alone.  Simple enough, and easy to do, what say the rest of
Rommel John Miller
Bibliophile and eccentric care-taker extraordinaire
Librarian hopeful and conservator wannabe.
Pace tua.

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